Laminate Repair

Kitchen worktop

Laminate worktop repairs are what we specialise in and have several cases per week sent to us ranging from chips, scratches and scuffs to burn marks from pots and pans.

When you consider the disruption involved in removing a sink, cooker hob or in some cases splash backs or tiles as well as the worktop which would be needlessly skipped, you then have to consider finding an exact match replacement which in mot cases have been discontinued over time.

We can attend a home or workplace and carry out a repair with minimal disruption to your day. Repairs usually take 2-4hrs depending on the size and area of the damage. This specific repair took our technician around 2 hrs and was ready to use as normal just a few hours later. No mess, no hassle and nothing going into a skip.

So how do we do it? This is the question everyone likes to ask as they are always amazed at the results! Although we cant reveal the materials and products used we can talk you through what we do!

In this instance the burn was caused by a tenant of this rented property which the owner asked us to go and take a look at. He didn’t want to hassle of ripping out and replacing and we were recommended to solve the problem.

When our technician arrived on site he could see that the burn had gone through the surface of the laminate so needed to remove the whole area affected. Masking around the repair to ensure no further damage the technician carefully cut away the affected area which left him with what was required to then fill. Using our 2-part system which when hardened is as solid as the worktop it was then skimmed and sanded level. When prepped we then get to the clever part colour matching with a lot of attention to detail adding in any dots and different shades the worktop may have. We then allow this to dry and apply several layer of a special repair lacquer that will seal the repair ready for completion.

Job done and a very happy SRN customer.


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