ArticleNailing your offices first impression!

March 28, 2019

Your potential client is booked in for a meeting with your team in the office, and we all know how important that first impression is.

But have you ever asked yourself, “What do my clients think of my office space?”

Being an expert in your area is a huge part of landing that client, but did you know the first impression of your workspace will also play an important role in helping you sell more easily?

Having an outdated or poorly-designed office can potentially lead to your staff having lower productivity, daily interactions, overall morale, and none of that is good for you, your team, and the guest you’ll be bringing in.

A well designed office space can impress clients, while an office designed for efficiency and comfort can boost productivity and improve your employees workplace wellbeing, so how do you strike the balance between both sides, whilst nailing that first impression?

Here are our top tips to nail that first impression:

Consider your companies message

“Today your organization must use every opportunity to talk about what they are about. It is kind of like the soft sell in advertising — keep it front and center at all times.” Oasis HR

A really effective way of incorporating your companies message into your office is by utilising your branding.

  • Could you be using more of your brand colours around the room?
  • Can you show off your logo on cups, notepads, or elsewhere?
  • What is your companies tone?
  • Should your office be more formal or laid back to reflect that?

There are other ways to show off your tone that can be more subtle, such as furnishings you could purchase that will give an instant impression of your company, without having a large painting of your logo in several spots.


Your office should be a reflection of who you are as a company, therefore it should line with what you’ve already projected to that client beforehand.

Inviting someone to the office should be a great opportunity to reinforce your brand message and your company’s philosophy and those working in that environment everyday should be able to feel that too.

The key is in the details

If you were to walk into your workspace, what would be the very first things you notice?

“Every part of your office tells a story. A messy, disorganised office will give visitors and employees a negative perception of how your company is run and reduce focus and concentration.”Flow Office

You’d hope it would be the productivity of your staff, the well designed layout, and the general great atmosphere, but sometimes it can be the small things that stick out the most.

It’s very easy for work to pile up in the workspace, whether that’s in the form of stacks of paper, scattered sticky notes, or it could even be the scratch marks on your laminate flooring from your employees office chair wheels.

Deciding on how to organise everything early can help keep your office neat and tidy, because after all, your office is the face of your company, and for those scratches? A team of surface repair experts can get those sorted for you, leaving your flooring looking at its best for the shoes of your next guest to walk in on.

Create an environment that is effective for everyone, staff or otherwise.

The bigger picture

With your office in regular, ongoing use, it’s very easy to forget about the small things that need repairs. They may not seem like much of a problem now, but these factors can easily contribute to your office looking dated, and in disrepair, not a look you want when bringing a visitor in to meet the team.

Consider your businesses reputation. When customers, clients, partners or investors visit, seeing the office is in need of repairs, doesn’t exactly inspire confidence or indicate professionalism.

Handling the repairs earlier, rather than later, can save you time and money, and leave your workspace feeling fresh, new and ready for your employees and those who stop by.

Plus, your team can flaunt your companies respect for the environment by repairing what you already have, rather than spending unnecessary money on purchasing an unneeded replacement.

Making those changes can nail your offices first impression and land that client.

What are your next steps?

Our qualified surface repair team can help you get those finer details in order to ensure that next time you bring your client by they are wowed by your offices first impression.

For a full list of what we can repair click here, and for further information contact us for a free professional quote.


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