ArticleHow To Cut The Cost Of Your Kitchen Renovation

May 3, 2019

Considering renovating your kitchen?

We’ve heard many people think of taking the step to updating and upgrading their kitchen, but often only a few will go through with it.


Well, renovating a kitchen is expensive, and it’s very easy to spend more than necessary.

Whether that’s because of falling in love with options out of your price range, or forgetting to nail the budget beforehand, kitchens can end up being the most expensive room in the house.

But this blog isn’t to discourage you from renovating your kitchen, so we’ve compiled a list of steps you can take to reduce your kitchen renovation cost, whilst making sure every penny goes towards a kitchen you’ll love.


Tiles can easily transform your kitchen, and can be very easy to clean.

Another great factor of tiles are that they are extremely hard wearing, and therefore, if taken care of, will look good for years to come.

Good-looking, good-quality tiles can be found for cheap, and if your kitchen already has tiles that may need a bit of love and care, a surface repair team may be able to restore them to their former glory.

Saving you hassle, and more importantly, money.


Countertops are never something we’d suggest skimping out on when it comes to renovating a kitchen.

They’re generally an area of more expense, so even though we’ll be mentioning some materials below, know that every material will require some shopping around.

Saving you hassle, and more importantly, money.


Wood countertops can be half the price of a lot of other materials, but will require a lot of maintenance.

They can stain easily, and if you’re a fan of putting your cups straight on surfaces you’ll be disappointed to find they usually show every ring.

However, wood can be sanded and re-oiled and perfect for a super strict budget. They can also be soft to the touch, which is something you may not get with stone or metal.


In terms of cost per metre, laminate worktops offer the best value for money.

They’re also incredibly durable, hygienic and low maintenance, and as your worktop is the single most used surface in your kitchen, these are all incredibly desirable features.

Stainless Steel

Surprisingly, stainless steel is not only on this list for its affordability, but also due to it becoming trendy.

There’s a reason that a lot of professional kitchens value stainless steel; it’s extremely hygienic, easy to clean and heat resistant, which allows you to place your pans directly on the surface!

However, they do come with their cons, and they include the fact they scratch easily, dent easily and can make your home look…well…industrial?

This is one to consider, but also to remember its traditional home in a chef’s kitchen.

Original Surfaces

Before you consider replacing the whole surface, it’s worth considering if your original surfaces can be saved and revived.

Repairing the surfaces in your kitchen can work out to be more cost effective than replacing them, and our team even specialises in worktop and countertop repairs.


If you have the budget, it’s very tempting to get custom cabinets, but if saving money is the aim, then there are some great options to consider:

Flat-pack cabinetry

Flat pack cabinets are supplied in a box, ready for you to put together and install yourself or by a tradesperson.

It’s very easy to select what you need to make the ideal kitchen, you can start be selecting cabinets and then accessories, doors, and more.

They’ve come a long way and now you can get great-looking, well-made cabinets for a fraction of the cost of custom.


Still want to add that more personal touch?

Trim your cupboards out and add additional features like high-end hardware.

Open Shelving

Or you can always consider open shelving instead of upper cabinets.

If you’re comfortable with having your dishes exposed it’s a great money-saving option!

It’s also getting increasingly popular as a kitchen trend.

The Best Money Saving Option?

You can easily get the kitchen cupboards you already have back in great shape with surface repairs.

Our team can help with the doors and carcassing, surface chips, deep scratches, holes, cracks, and burns.

It’s effective and budget friendly.


Kitchen floors work hard.

You need something that will last many years, but will also be easy to clean, stain resistant and comfortable to walk on.

So what should you aim for when it comes to considering a floor that will be cost effective, but also stand the test of time in one of the busiest rooms of your house?

According to Expert Reviews at the affordable end of the market, laminate from a reputable brand can cost from as little as £15-£18 per square metre (sq m), while LVT starts at around £30-40 per sq m, depending on the system.

Engineered wood flooring costs more than solid planks – expect to pay from £25 per sq m.

Stone flooring prices will depend on the type; it’s possible to find tiles that cost as little as £30 per sq m but most will be £50 per sq m upwards.

Ceramic tiles can cost less than £10 per sq m, while porcelain starts from around £25-£30 per sq m.

Poured floors tend to be the most expensive with average costs around £120-£150 per sq m.

The other alternative?

Well, as stated in this blog, we believe original floorboards can be a fantastic option, and are coming back in fashion.

If any of the boards are damaged you may need to get them swapped out, but if there is only scratches, or marks, a team of surface repair experts may be all you need to restore them back to their former glory.

wood floor repair

What are your next steps?

Surface repairs can be applied to various areas of the home, including kitchen cupboards, doors and more, so if you want to keep original features, but notice they have scratches, marks or cracks, you can have them repaired at a fraction of the cost of replacing.

Our qualified surface repair team can offer you a cost effective solution to renovating your kitchen without the need for full replacements.

For a full list of what we can repair click here, and for further information contact us for a free professional quote.


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