Article10 Ways To Freshen Up Your Houses Exterior

April 26, 2019

Have you ever heard of kerb appeal?

Well, kerb appeal is the term used to describe the attractiveness of your home from the road. And whilst we know not to judge a book by its cover, a property’s outer appearance can often the deal maker (or breaker) when it comes to buying a home.

It takes potential buyers no more than eight seconds to decide whether or not they like a house.

On property sites online, the most common lead photograph on a property is the front exterior shot. In fact, it’s usually the first on a set of photos, and even the one that shows up the most in search results.

The exterior of your house usually is that crucial first impression and should lead to people clicking on your property to find out more.

So what happens when the exterior of your house doesn’t excite those looking?

Well, you’re incredibly likely to have a low-click through rate, and as a result less interest. Even if the interior of your property is incredible!

So how should you make the exterior of your property look the part?

Here are 10 of our top tips to freshen up your houses exterior:

1. The House Next Door

Messy neighbours?

Well, if you’re using our list to get your house ready for sale, you may even want to remove any rubbish or speak to them about helping out.

No one likes being complained to, but the offer of help could go a long way.

2. Clean Your Driveway and Patio

Your garage and driveway often take up a lot of visual space in front of your house, and if not kept in shape, can ruin the exterior of your house.

Problem: Driveway cracks.
Not only do cracks in a concrete driveway look messy, they’re also a magnet for weeds!
Solution: Have those cracks repaired.

Problem: Dull garage.
In comparison to your lovely cars, your garage may need a little refresh to keep it updated.
Solution: Use a coat of paint, and even flower boxes!

There are so many ways to use your driveway to your benefit.

Keep your home looking fresh with surface repairs.

3. Landscape Lighting

Using lighting in your homes exterior can make a HUGE impact on your homes appeal, whilst also providing safety and security.

We’d recommend accenting trees if you can, or illuminating the pathway to your house.

If you can, install lights that power themselves by using sunlight. This will mean you can avoid wiring, but the lights may not be as bright as you’d like.

4. Colourful Garden

Are you lucky enough to have a front garden?

Colourful gardens are a great way to brighten your homes exterior, whilst making your own walk home up your pathway so much nicer!

Consider a use of your favourite plants, and what fragrances they give off. Whether you like roses, honeysuckle or even rosemary, these can play into the appeal of your home to those walking past.

5. Freshen Your Windows and Siding

If your windows and sidings are getting a bit dirty, it’s time to get them clean in order to boost your homes exterior!

We’d recommend using a power washer or even a regular hose with a washing attachment.

Another thing to look out for are poor joints, chips, scratches, discolouring, and holes in your windows or window sills.

This is something a surface repair team can help with, in fact check out an example of our work in the image featured.

6. Check Your Roof

Notice any issues with your roof? Maybe there are crumbling bits, or spacing at the edges.

If you do, it may be time to consider a pro roofer to check out your roof. Hopefully it’ll just be down to repairs, but you may even need a new roof!

We’d recommend getting at least three different estimates before hiring someone for the job.

7. Numbering Or Naming

When numbering or naming your house, make sure they signage you get is easy to view from a distance.

Cross the road, or the street, and see if you can easily identify the number of your home.

We’d personally recommend large house numbers in a clear font, as these are easy to read from a distance, and check that they’re not blocked by anything.

You could even use lighting to illuminate the number or house name at night.

8. Update Your Front Door

Whether you decide to replace your front door, paint it, or get a talented team in to repair it, we guarantee your front door will be the first thing that people are going to look at.

So what can you do to make it stand out?

Well, why not utilise interesting colours? Strong, vibrant colours are very popular currently, but black is always a go to if that’s not within your comfort zone.

If your door and frame has damage, chips, deep scratches, holes, cracks, or even burns, that’s something a specialised surface repair team can help you with when you want your door to look the part.

9. Revive Exterior Trim

Use of trims or shutters can help not only control light and ventilation, but can also add kerb appeal to your home’s exterior.

Shutters can be made of most materials including wood, fiberglass, or PVC resins, and can provide additional security to your home.

Whereas, when considering a trim, aim to make the trim details durable and low maintenance.

10. Rainwater Runoff

Have a look at your gutters.

Do they look bent or disconnected?

Well, these not only don’t look great in the grand scheme, but can also allow water in places they shouldn’t be.

You can fix gutters yourself, but we’d always recommend speaking to a third party to thoroughly inspect the state of your gutters in case they need replacing.

What are your next steps?

Our qualified surface repair team can help improve the exterior of your property, whether it’s just to freshen it up, or get it ready for sale.

For a full list of what we can repair click here, and for further information contact us for a free professional quote.


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